Just like every Easter period, Mitsides flour supports premature babies in their struggle for life, through the “Miracle Babies” association, and this year is no exception.

Aiming to raise awareness about the challenges a family with a premature baby has to face, we invite all mothers who have gone through this experience to share their story and feelings and send their message of support and solidarity.

You may share anything you feel is worthwhile, whether this has to do with your baby’s prematurity, their progress in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, your pregnancy/ delivery, or any other kind of support you may have had during this period.

We, as a company, will be supporting the “Miracle Babies” to enhance the equipment at the Makarios Hospital’s NICU, by contributing to the purchase of a non-invasive neonatal respiratory support machine.

Did you know that with the purchase of every pack of Mitsides flour sold until Easter, €0,02 are donated to the “Miracle Babies” association?